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3 reasons why you should travel by scooter

Traveling by scooter is not just the fashion of the moment, there are several reasons why you should prefer it to other means of transport.

In the last period we have seen a real boom in electric scooters, initially only in big cities, then the phenomenon has spread practically everywhere.

Last year's state incentives certainly contribute to this process, but that's not all. Born as a game for children, it is a comfortable and fun vehicle, as well as being an excellent solution for having fun and breathing some air outdoors.

Practical to use and take anywhere, it is perfect not only for Sunday walks in the open air but also very convenient for going to work and getting around town. Beautiful to look at and with an elegant and compact design, they are suitable for the whole family.

Choosing to travel using this vehicle is therefore convenient and useful on several fronts, let's see which ones together.

1. A Green choice

The very first reason to choose to travel with an electric scooter is the environmental reason. The commitment required of each of us is progressively increasing and fighting pollution in our cities is our task.

Choosing this means of transport means actively participating in this fight, effectively reducing the CO2 emissions produced by our cars, contributing in the forefront to having cleaner cities.

Perfect for making short trips, for going to work but also for running small errands without having to worry about parking your car or getting stuck in traffic. Thanks to their compact structure, they can be folded and carried on vehicles, in case you need to travel long distances. Since their weight does not exceed 10/20 kg they can be folded and you can carry it with you taking up very little space. Convenient isn't it?

2. It's good for your health and your mind

Another interesting reason is health. Most complain about not having time to exercise, pay annual gym memberships periodically without ever showing up, and never have time to move . Going to work sitting in the car, parking under the office and then getting into the elevator and sitting back in front of the PC, is certainly not a good thing for your body.

Getting around using a scooter, on the other hand, is a great way to get around at least a little. Even if they are electric, they can also be used in a traditional way, giving a boost. A scooter ride involves the movement of the whole body and, especially the legs, will benefit from it. Physical activity stimulates blood circulation, burns fat and prevents many types of diseases also due to sedentary life but not only. Avoiding traffic, the anxiety of parking and cars and enjoying the fresh air is good for your mind and allows you to start your day with a different approach.

So, less stress but also physical well-being.

3. Simplicity and practicality

In addition to being practical and compact to the point of being taken with you everywhere, taking up less space means not having to worry about where to park or tie it up like a bike. You can easily fold it and keep it at home, in the corner on a shelf.


And how do you learn to drive it?

More than a bike, a scooter is very easy to use and ride . At first you will need a little practice to familiarize yourself with balance and coordinate movements but, basically, learning to guide it is not that complicated, just think that it was born as a game for children.

Which one to choose?

It is certainly useful to choose one according to your needs. One of the factors to consider is the battery, which is closely linked to how many miles you should have to travel before putting it back in charge. The basic models have a range of about 20 km with one charge and the battery returns to 100% in just over a few hours.

Take a look at the City Life section of our shop to choose the one best suited to you.

Do you prefer a scooter or a bike?

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